Sarah Okereke


Denise has been through some personal things with her partner Frankie, causing her to be somewhat cold.

She is changing for the better. She might even be falling in love again.

Dontae Nicholas Lindsay


Frankie is the glue of the four guys. He is a good guy simply trying to get his life together and although he wishes to get married to the love of his life Denise, there are some bigger fish he has to fry first.

Elisha Myton


Trina is the younger sister of Denise. She is feisty and always goes for what she wants….but in life you have to be careful what you ask for.

Drevin A. Bonny


Tashan is the youngest of the guys and finally has to take a look at himself in the mirror.

Florentina Bowden


 Amber is shy. She has a bit of a task ahead. Is she up for the job?

Yasmin Newsham


Lisa is a woman in control. She knows what she wants….but does she always get what she wants?

Christos Liberos


Steve is a torn man, attempting to turn around bad decisions he has made in life.



Louise is Denise’s fiesty best friend. Recently engaged to Michael, this doesn’t stop her eyes from wandering. She can be nosy and often in people’s business…. every girl has a Louise in their life.

Andrew Troy


Q is a complex man with some deep rooted fears. He has a job on his hands attempting to keep Steve on the right path.

Elaine Andrews


This long suffering mother of two is just getting her life together. Can she do so with grace and humility?