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Cards on the Table looks closely at the lives of four life long male friends. The film interweaves through the lives of Steve, Frankie, Tashan and Q. They all encounter love, loss, failures and victories in life. Each of the guys have a path that is familiar and close to the heart.

The leader of the pack is Frankie (Dontae Lindsay) who has one heck of a secret and as his big birthday approaches, with ever increasing pressure from his long time partner Denise (Sarah Okereke), he\’s faced with a dilemna as well as the task of raising some cash quickly. Steve (Christos Liberos) is on the verge of losing everything. With his boys by his side, can he keep it together or will it all fall apart? Q (Andrew Troy) has an ongoing issue with Tashan and has his own battles to overcome. Tashan (Drevin A. Bonny) has to make a decision that separates the boys from the men. This is an every mans tale.

Also starring Elisha Myton, Florentina Bowden, Yasmin Newsham, Ayanza and Elaine Andrews.



Dontae Lindsay, Christos Liberos, Andrew Troy, Drevin A. Bonny, Sarah Okereke, Elisha Myton, Florentina Bowden, Yasmin Newsham, Ayanza, Elaine Andrews



Directed by: Sam Addo
Written by: Duane Valentino & Sam Addo
Produced by: Laurelle Jones, Ashley Belgrave & Samuel Awosoga
Executive Producers: Duane Valentino, Ben Moss & Sam Addo

12 certificate film coming soon

Film release suitable for 12 years and over

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