duane valentino
writer / executive producer

Started later then most, a love for storytelling was always present. Early comic book strips and short stories were a daily staple and testament to that. Fast forward many years later (like they do in those films for no apparent reason), Duane currently runs a small design/production company hybrid and when not dealing with clients, he loves to work on his storytelling craft and ability. Credits include over a dozen written and directed projects with a good number of spec scripts added to that pile, all offering a playgrounds for improvement. 


Before this collaboration, a conversation between him and the director sparked the idea for a relatable story with humour and drama found in the personal things either they or friends have experienced but ultimately, being positive and thus, Cards on the Table was born. After finishing this collaboration and writing what is set to be, his first produced feature script the ball of momentum is firmly rolling. A second feature already written and a third in the outlining stage all patiently waiting to be sent out into the big bad world.