About the actor Gatta

Gatta has been involved in the arts as a creative artist ranging from photography, graffiti and community events before renewing his interest in acting.


He has featured in Battling Lewisham play and Cards On The Table in roles in fatherly roles.


With experience and background in arts, education, music events, photography and youth work he has used those various skills from communication to help when the acting role requires.


His training comes from learning from life along with a few acting or comedy lessons from time to time.


Now on a new learning curve of how to write, with the aim that in the newer year (2019) there will be a few productions of his own, along with more featured acting roles.


If you want to see Gatta on the screen before the year is out just watch Idris Elba’s Yardie film, Crimes of Grindelwald and or S2 Ep2 of Urban Myth: Back stage at Live Aid.


“The meaning of life has meaning for those whom meant for life to have meaning” – Gx