laurelle jones
producer / production manager

Laurelle Jones

Radio and Film Producer, Director and Writer
07984 100 181

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From the background of Graphic Design, Laurelle first found her passion for film when she studied it  at A level  (John Ruskin College, CROYDON, UK). 


Laurelle then went on to acquire a degree in Media arts with Film and TV (St Mary’s Twickenham, UK) where she studied abroad for a semester to gain more hands on experience in filmmaking.


She has always enjoyed watching films especially independent shorts and analysing them and over the last few years decided to give it a try. Laurelle debuted as writer in 2013 on a short film called NO.27. This became the catalyst for Laurelle’s film career which has progressed on a steady upward hill ever since…


Although Laurelle started out as a writer, her portfolio lies heavy in the department of producing. her hands on directive approach is to get things done swiftly and efficiently.


Laurelle’s aim is to create films that educate inspire and stir. Bringing forth change with the prolific medium  of film, that encourages taboo’s to be challenged and offer alternatives. Her inspirations are Spike Lee, Ava Duvenay, Amma Asante, Steve McQueen, to name a few…