About the actor Lou Szulc

My name is Ludomir Szulc (Lou for short) I played the judge in the film Cards on the Table. I am a night Club owner together with my business partner of Club AQUARIUM in Old Street EC1, a multipurpose entertainment venue that specialises and hosts weekly club nights, gigs, fashion shows, film shoots and modern art gallery events etc. We have been open for nearly 24 years, since November 1995 and we are one of the most established, largest and most vibrant clubs in Shoreditch.


During the last two decades we have had many high profile events and we are very proud of this club. Club AQUARIUM is one of the very few clubs in the UK that has a 24 hour music, dance and alcohol licence. We also have the unique experience of our guests using our swimming pool and our large 10 man jacuzzi on our club nights, fashion and film shoots together with changing rooms, lockers and towels.


I was born in London and my parents are Polish immigrants who settled in England after the Second World War. I also speak fluent Polish and have been in the entertainment industry for around 30 years.